The Kaliningrad Region is one of the youngest and most dynamic regions of the Russian Federation, and is seen as a bridge for partnership between the East and West.

This Russian enclave occupies a unique an important geopolitical location. With its proximity to the Baltic Sea and its close links to EU countries, combined with its status as a Special Economic Zone and impressive tourist infrastructure, the Kaliningrad region is in a prime position for futher economic development.

Our objective is to make this region an area for real cooperation. We are striving to create a favourable business climate which would stimulate inflow of labour and raise the competitiveness of regional production.

A wide range of Russian and foreign investors have already seen the benefits of investment in the region. This website has been developed to help continue this trend by presenting the investment opportunities available.

Governor N.Tsukanov



Stable environment for long-term solutions

The priorities of regional economic development are set out in corresponding programme documents, and thus create conditions for stability and certainty needed for long-term prognosis and justification of investment decisions.

Availability Baltic and Atlantic sea lanes

The Kaliningrad Port is Russia's only ice-free Baltic port, with piers for ro-ro freight and passenger ships, railway ferries, and general and container freights. The port also has facilities for performing customs, border-crossing and other compulsory procedures.

The proximity of European markets

The Kaliningrad Region has common borders with two EU states - the Republic of Lithuania (north and east borders) and Republic of Poland (south borders). The dynamics of the Region's foreign trade reflect this aspect of the Kaliningrad Region's geography. A tenfold growth of foreign trade turnover has taken place since 1999.